Tap and Trace Cooling

Why should the customer who gets the first drink dispensed receive a poorer quality drink than those following? Valpar tap and trace cooling solutions are custom-designed to help you deliver your promise of premium quality with every drink dispensed. 



  • Cools the tap
  • Cools all the way up to the tap
  • Full insulation of product lines
  • Reduced installation time 


  • Lower dispense temperature
  • Improved off-peak drink temperature
  • Consistent temperature
  • No excess foaming
  • Reduced waste
  • Helps reduce bacteria growth 

It is well known that during peak drinking hours, the quality of draught beer poses few problems provided the system is capable of delivering the perfect drink. It is, however, the quality of the casual drink which can leave much to be desired, with excess foaming and relatively warm beer. 

Valpar Tap and Trace Cooling provides the solution to this problem ensuring a better presented beer without excess foam and a lower, more consistent temperature. 

Moreover, the amount of wasted beer will reduce which means greater profit for the bar owner. This can make your brand the bar owner’s favourite brand as well. 

Bacteria growth often starts at the tap and works its way back into the system. The tap & trace cooler will reduce bacteria growth and therefore improve beer quality. 

Valpar Tap & Trace cooling solutions use Valpar’s tube shaping and welding processes to ensure ease of installation. They are tailor-made to suit various types of taps and fonts.

Premium brands require premium quality. Premium quality requires Valpar Tap & Trace Cooling.


The materials used for tap and trace cooling comply with the relevant EC Directives for plastics that come into contact with foodstuffs. They also comply with the Food and Drug Administration guidelines in North America.