Coldkit Matrix

Matrix is an innovative full range of modular walk-in coldrooms with significant advantages over conventional coldrooms. Matrix is the result of an R&D project involving experienced professionals from various different countries. It provides optimal options for storing food in hotels, restaurants, catering services, supermarkets and industrial kitchens, among others.


The Matrix range consists of four thicknesses (60, 85, 105 and 150mm) with different insulations for different applications. 

The result is a perfect balance between adequate cold storange and power consumption.

Exclusive design

A quick glance at a MATRIX coldroom is sufficient to appreciate its new, improved design.

Its most noticeable are:

Soft Door: A symbol of its modern design and a symbol of the brand.
Stainless steel colour: MATRIX puts an end to monotonous white coldrooms. The smooth, carefully finished modules have an elegant grey exteriors and a clean white interior. 
Rounded Corners: All corners are rounded inside and outside. Components are made with high-quality, durable, easy to clean materials.

A full of range of options and accesories

 A variety of accessories are available as well, such as floor skirting, coving sections, silicon sealants, pressure balancing valves, lighting, temperature control, and access ramps, among others.

All accessories meet food-industry hygiene standards and are certified by CNERPAC.


With the same modular architecture and the same simple assembly process, MATRIX offers a wide range of doors in many dimensions: sliding, swinging and hinged doors, as well as glass display doors, windows and strip doors.


MATRIX can be supplied in a wide range of antislip floors that make it adaptable to different loads, including intensive forklift truck traffic.

The standard floor has a phenolic resin finish, although top-quality stainless steel floors are also available.