McDonald’s Dual Port Filtration Systems

The MC3-EL water filtration system is engineered to provide high flow rates and capacities in a single compact package. The graded density media design reduces sediment particles that can cause beverages and ice to be cloudy and unappealing while protecting downstream equipment. Premium activated carbon reduces chlorine taste and odor for consistant great tasting cold beverages, hot beverages and ice. A dedicated scale inhibition cartridge reduces scale build-up on evaporator plates and heating coils in both ice machines and coffee brewers. The MC3-EL reduces filterable cysts to maintain drinking water quality.

The BCI line of drop-in filter housings accommodates our line of premium performance sediment and chlorine taste and odor reduction cartridges. These multiple housing systems are high flow, series filtration style, which can accommodate most water-using equipment. Cartridges can be changed on an ‘as needed’ basis for economical operation. Optional variants such as opaque or transparent housings and installed filter cartridges are available.