Brewmaster Tubing Range

Tests results have shown that the optimum contact surface material currently available for the dispense of beer is nylon. Guided by this principal, Valpar has developed a range of multi-layer nylon lined tubes to meet the needs of the worlds leading breweries. The original Brewmaster® tube was developed in close co-operation with some of the worlds leading breweries in search of the ultimate beer tube. The Valpar Brewmaster® range has been further developed to suit a variety of specific requirements and applications.



  • Ultra-smooth nylon inner layer
  • Low gas permeability
  • Highly flexible compared to solid nylon tubes
  • Highly engineered for consistent quality tubing
  • Superb adhesion between all layers with high resistance to delamination 


  • Reduced bacterial growth and yeast adhesion so that the taste and quality of your beer is maintained
  • Extended cleaning cycles or improved and easier cleaning  this saves money and improves beer quality
  • Improved carbonation levels of dispensed product 
  • Suitable for tight bend radius applications
  • Compatible with a wide range of fittings 

The Range

Brewmaster  has an ultra-smooth inner surface which reduces bacteria and yeast adherence to give improved beer quality in the glass. It also offers increased strength and low gas permeability due to its nylon layers. This keeps beer fresh and maintains carbonation even when left in lines for longer periods.

Brewmaster Plus  offers the same performance as Brewmaster but with an unplasticised outer layer.

Brewmaster 2  has the same smooth nylon inner layer as Brewmaster. A different outer layer construction enhances cost-effectiveness and makes this tube the ideal choice for those seeking to upgrade from MDP.

Brewmaster Gas Line  specially designed tubing which combines high safe working pressures and low gas permeability. It also has a food approved nylon lining. Further benefits are that it is more economical than reinforced PVC (braided) tubing and suitable for speed fittings.