3M Water Filters

3M Water Filtration is dedicated to product innovation and meeting customer needs. 3M Water Filtration is a leading manufacturer of many filtration and water treatment technologies including carbon filters, microfiltration membranes, depth filters, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners. This wide knowledge and experience gives 3M Water Filtration a unique ability to provide innovative solutions to many problems and 3M Water Filtration is viewed by many customers as their "One Stop Shop."

Head Technology
3M Water Filtration leads the industry in the development of sanitary quick change "SQC" cartridges and Valve in Head technology. We are able to offer customers many filter solutions with the same head so that Foodservice equipment manufacturers and operators are able to standardise on one head but select the correct filter cartridge to match the water conditions at each site. The SQC cartridge design ensures that filters are changed rapidly and in a sanitary way.

Media Technology
3M Water Filtrations experience in manufacturing and combining many different filter media types provides customers with the optimum solutions to their water filtration problems. Our range of slim-line filter products use a graded density carbon block that traps large particles on the surface and finer particles through the media depth for a long service life. Through the use of this proprietary 3M Water Filtration media, this range of compact filters is able to enhance taste and reduce odour, chlorine, lead, dangerous cysts and control the formation of scale.
New innovative combinations of proprietary membranes with carbon blocks offer the ability to reduce bacteria. Utilising a hollow fibre membrane inside the carbon block allows bacteria reduction claims similar to an ultraviolet without the issues related with maintaining a UV system e.g. electricity and cleaning glass inserts. New Impact cartridges offer market leading sediment removal and life, with extended claim sets including bacterial reduction.

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