Tubing & Pythons


Valpar Industrial Limited was the first company in the world to produce machine-made python, an insulated bundle of tubing for draught drinks dispense. Today python plays a vital role in delivering high quality drinks at consistent low temperature. But optimum performance requires python design to complement your total dispense system. This is where Valpar can help you. 


Brewmaster Tubing Range

Tests results have shown that the optimum contact surface material currently available for the dispense of beer is nylon. Guided by this principal, Valpar has developed a range of multi-layer nylon lined tubes to meet the needs of the worlds leading breweries. The original Brewmaster® tube was developed in close co-operation with some of the worlds leading breweries in search of the ultimate beer tube. The Valpar Brewmaster® range has been further developed to suit a variety of specific requirements and applications.


Tap and Trace Cooling

Why should the customer who gets the first drink dispensed receive a poorer quality drink than those following? Valpar tap and trace cooling solutions are custom-designed to help you deliver your promise of premium quality with every drink dispensed.